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photo credit Chris Garrison/ Red Bull Content Pool

Training again

Getting ready for the new competition season!

Last day Fall Semester

After today my first semester at Rollins is finished! Only one last test to go!!! I can't believe how fast this semester flew by and I'm excited to have some timeoff.

And hard work paid off:

New Red Bull Project

It's good to be back home in Holland! Super excited to get started on my next Red Bull project!

World Cup Invitation - China

I am very honored to be invited for the World Cup stop in China. Unfortunately I will have to miss this event and also miss the Dutch nationals this season, since I am in the process of applying for a green card. Therefore I am not allowed to travel outside of the United States for a while. I had a fun season and I hope that I will receive my green card next season! I just wanted to thank my sponsors, family, and friends for supporting me through this amazing opportunity!

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Red Bull Athlete Summit

Here is a picture of us very focused at the Red Bull Athlete summit.It was awesome to learn some new stuff!

Worlds 2016

Worlds in Mexico


When things don't go to plan!


Riding doubles with Daniel Powers was fun!

Red Bull Winch Trip 2016

Great to be able to ride on the most amazing spots for the 2016 Red Bull winch Tour!

Red Bull Project: Wake Up Amsterdam

One of the best projects ever for me: wakeboarding through the canals of Amsterdam and jumping over a boat full of tourists!!! 2013